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It is faster and cheaper to change the projector lamp yourself!

Everywhere where projector is used, be it a conference hall at companies, schools, or home cinemas, the issue of changing the projector lamp is topical from time to time. What to do? Ask assistance for the service company or call a specialist who would change the lamp?

We have an alternative - a faster and cheaper solution. Order a lamp at our store and change it yourself. It is quite simple and allows avoiding paying for a service that can be done by you in most cases. Note, in this way you can save up to 30%.

Changing the projector lamp usually takes some 5–10 minutes. If you do not feel how to change the lamp, you will definitely get it by reading the projector manual. If you have not kept the manual, you can find it on the website of projector’s manufacturer.

We offer more than 5000 various models of projector lamps. In our offer you will find only original lamps. Projector lamps are manufactured by several global companies: Osram, Philips, and Ushio. Products of these companies are used in more than 95% of projector models all over the world. We offer products manufactured only by these companies, thus providing for stable and manufacturer-guaranteed quality.

Projector lamp burning out often causes unwanted consequences and ruins the planned event, lecture, or video presentation in an official meeting, etc. Thus, it is important to predict the time lamp would burn out timely. How one can know it?
Several signs suggest of the last days of projector lamp, including:

  • the picture loses its brightness;
  • the picture may start glimmering;
  • the projector lamp has served about 80% of service life as indicated in the projector manual (in majority of models, service life is indicated by a meter in the projector).

In our store you will find a product that suits your needs. We offer 3 alternatives: original lamps in the original casing, original lamps in other manufacturer’s casing (for example, another manufacturer uses Philips lamp in its casing), or just lamps, which is the cheapest alternative.

What product to choose?

Projectors lamp without a casing — the right choice if you or any of your colleagues or employees have the necessary technical skills to remove the used lamp out of its casing and replace it with the new one.

If you have doubts regarding your technical skills, we suggest choosing lamp in a casing. In this case we suggest that you build your choice on economic aspects. However, lamps in other manufacturer’s casing are not available for all projector models. In such case only original lamps in the original casing can be used.

How to find the right product?

If you know the projector models, use the search function.

If you know the lamp code, use the small searcher in the store’s homepage banner. If you find the traditional product catalogue more convenient, you can find your projector manufacturer and model also in the store’s catalogue. Press here.


We will deliver your order by handing over the product in hand.

Products are delivered directly from warehouse by our partners UPS and DHL. Term of delivery depends on the time when order was made. If ordering until noon, we can deliver the product next day in the largest cities all over Europe. More on delivery here.


We ensure a 90-days guarantee to all lamps provided by us. Guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.

If the guarantee term provided by any of the manufacturers exceeds 90 days, we automatically ensure the same term for our clients. Basically, the clients are provided with the longest possible guarantee term for the product in the market. More information on guarantee provisions is available in the section guarantee.