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We are experts in audio-visual technology, working in industry already 16 years, since year 2000. We are selling projectors and other audio-visual technology, developing solutions and consulting customers.

We made shop of projector lamps in internet, because it provides a mutually beneficial deal. We ensure good prices because we are selling lamps in large quantity, whereas client is saving on costs of installation (have good deal buying lamp and change it himself). We regularly follow up with tendencies in the market and we ensure the best price available for original lamps.

To change the projector lamp is really easy – order it on internet, receive it at home or office and change it in 10 minutes. This kind of basic action is meant as standard manipulation, which can be done by user himself, without any need for attendance of specialist from service. The change of projector lamp is understandable by intuition, but if the help is needed, you can always see the instruction, which is included in technical documentation of the projector. 

In the assortment of our products just original projector lamps are included! You can chose to purchase either the whole set (lamp with the body), or just the lamp. We offer lamps exactly from the manufacturers, for more than 5000 DLP and LCD projectors, and assortment of products is regularly improved for new models, when they are released. We are offering different models from world-known manufacturers like Panasonic, BenQ, Epson, etc., and also models from less known manufacturers. You can see the list of all manufacturers here. We are giving 90-day warrantee for all projector lamps.

Primarily we are delivering products to private persons and enterprises in European Union, in collaboration with UPS and DHL courier-mails. We are able to deliver products to countries which are not included in Eurozone – in this case the consumer must take care of formalities of customs himself. We ensure that the product will be successfully delivered in 48 hours.

We took care about easy ways of payment. We offer to take one of the choices you consider the most suitable for yourself – pay directly from your bank account, use credit card or PayPal system. To ensure safe payments in internet, we are using the world-known solution to data scripting and safety – COMODO SSL security certificate, which ensures the highest – 256bit algorithm of data scripting.

(!) Interrupted meeting in work, or picture/movie watching with friends on the big screen can give you unpleasant feeling. So – if you suspect, that projector lamp might burn out – this is the exact moment to order it.

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