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Customer service

We ensure convenient service and 90-day warranty to all out products, to all of our clients.

The order of products
Projector lamp can be purchased in our internet shop. By indicating your address, the costs of delivery will be calculated automatically. Usually they don’t exceed 20.00 EUR in the territory of European Union. The cost of delivery will be showed right after you indicate your potential address of delivery.

Confirmation of receiving delivery
By ordering in our internet shop, you will receive  a confirmation e-mail with information about the product/s which you have purchased, their cost and the address of delivery. After sending the order we will provide you with information about status of delivery. You will receive number or delivery in courier-mail system.

(!) In case you are a representing an educational or governmental institution, or you want to purchase 2 or more lamps, please contact us (link to forum), for us to be able to offer you special conditions.

If you want to know additional information, we suggest writing us –

We accept the following payment methods credit card, PayPal system or direct bill, sent to your enterprise. You can choose the type of payment during checkout. If you chose to pay with enterprise’s account, you will receive a bill with requisites in –mail.

Applying VAT 0%
VAT does not apply in case, if your enterprise has been registered as VAT payer.

Please do not forget to indicate the VAT payer.

Safety and privacy
Enterprise pledges not to give away the data of users, received by users registrations, and preserve them according to tightest standards of data protection. You can get more information about this in section Privacy.

To ensure absolutely safe purchasing in our shop, we use the world-known solution to data encryption and safety – COMODO SSL security certificate, which uses the highest – 256bit algorithm of data encryption.

90-day warranty
We ensure 90-day warranty to our clients, who have purchased the projector lamps. 90-day period is calculated starting with the date of way-bill. If some of the manufacturers will give warranty longer than 90-days, then we will automatically do the same. Warranty applies in cases, when the damage is created in manufacturing of this product.

To give back the product, you have to send an e-mail to, where in free form you include information about enterprise, product purchased and the circumstances in which the damage of the product was noticed. After receiving this e-mail we will send further instructions to actions needed to give back the product. Costs of sending are not compensated.

Please notice that warranty does not apply in following cases:

  • The damage of projector lamp has been created in result of wrong exploiting of the projector (projector was unplugged before the cooling down period ended, projector was damaged by technical impact, etc.);
  • Projector lamp was damaged while delivering. If, receiving the product, you see that the packaging is damaged, you have to put it down in acceptance certificate. But we cooperate with really reliable partners: UPS and DHL, so there is really small possibility of that happening.