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Products ensures the widest assortment of original projector lamps – meaning, more than 5000 projector lamps, which are meant for LCD and DLP projectors in whole world. You can see the list of all manufacturers, whose lamps are included in our assortment, here.

In assortment of our products are both – sets (lamps with the body), and for some of the models you can get lamps without the body. To change the projector lamp is really easy – order it on internet, receive it at home or office and change it in 10 minutes. This kind of basic action is meant as standard manipulation, which can be done by user himself, without any need for attendance of specialist from service. Lamps without the body can be cheaper, but you have to remember, that changing them will ask for experience with technical jobs. In addition to changing the lamp, you will have to take out the old one from the body, and just then will you be able to set in the new one. If you do not have technical experience yourselves, you can always trust with this job to some college with bigger experience in this field, for example, IT specialist.

In our shop we offer to find the products using following criteria: manufacturer of product, serial number of the model or, if you know it – code of the lamp (given on the body of the lamp). If for some reason you fail to find the product, please, contact with us.

We ensure 90-day warranty to all projector lamps (both – sets and just lamps)! The delivery will be made in 48 hours from the moment of receiving the order. We cooperate DHL and UPS. You can read more information about delivery in section Terms of delivery.

(!) To evade unpleasant surprise from sudden burn out of projector, we offer following information.

Life of projector lamp is approximately 2000, or in rare cases even 5000 hours long (working). This parameter is given in the instructions. Amount of the hours consumed for the most part of models is available in menu. Life length of the projector lamp depends on the way it is being exploited. You will find some advices how to prolong the life of projector lamp in the following:

-         Never touch the lamp barehanded. Dirt can get on the lamp and the temperature rises in these places – it causes defects of the lamp;

-         Make sure that air filters are always clean. If you don’t clean them, the temperature of projector lamp will exceed the planned limit, and that will cause faster burnout;

-         Evade impact and vibrations. It’s even more important in cases, when projector has worked for some time, lamp is still warm and the projector is being moved;

-         Turn out the projector in right way. For the most part of projectors – they have cooling mode, which is ensured after pushing “Off” button on the remote or projector itself. For it to work successfully, you have to leave it connected with current source, and unplug it just when the lamp has cooled down;

-         Use “Power saving” mode, or how it is in cases of specific models “High/Low” mode. Use of this mode is prolonging the life of projector lamp.

For information – most part of the manufacturers have outsourced their manufacturing of lamps to these manufacturers: Philips, Osram and Ushio. So do not be surprised, ir, for example, Sanyo projector you will find original lamp from Philips. All products in our shop are originals of manufacturers, we do not offer copies!

(!) Please follow the rules of safety matters while changing the bulb – touch it with gloves only, and it’s highly recommended to wear glasses, to protect eyes in case if the lamp brakes in the process of changing. 

Environmentally friendly use suggests the users of projectors to be responsible and take care of utilizing/recycling already used projector lamps. It is important not only for ensuring optimal, environmentally friendly waste sorting, but also because projector lamps can contain gas which is dangerous for your health – vapor of mercury.

Let’s take care of ourselves and the nature around us.

To deliver burnt out lamps for recycling, we suggest reading information about possibilities of utilizing the harmful waste and find the closest waste transfer point.